Competition Teams

Why should I sign up our team?

There’s only so much you can do with a competition format but we like to think we have made some small changes to improve your weekend experience.

So what are these small changes?

Well firstly we’ll be asking you to bump in on the afternoon/evening on Friday the 4th of October to allow you to get into cooking for hand in’s on Saturday the 5th.

What if I’m a new team that’s never competed or only started to compete in 2019, can I still enter?

Absolutely, this festival is all about growing Perth’s BBQ scene both nationally and internationally.

So if we’ve finished early on the Saturday do we pack up and leave?

Having experienced comps both on the ground and in Admin roles, it’s apparent that apart from a sneaky coffee back at your tent there’s no opportunity to let your hair down and experience the full festival format. So this means after completing your turn in’s, cleaning up your site, you’ll then be able to come and join the crowd and beer vendors whilst listening to live tunes on the main stage.

Bump out’s will be first thing Sunday the 6th of October.

So I’ve decided to compete, what’s the prize money and is this comp sanctioned?

OK so we’re going to take the road of most other comps and festivals at this early stage and say prize money details will be released in the coming months.

Yes it will be sanctioned but we can’t release the details until the sanctioning body approves. (thanks to everyone to date trying to get some inside info from us by private message LOL)

So what we can tell you in regards to prizes is the winner of Brew N’ Que Australia 2019 will win in addition to prize money, two return airfares to compete at our sister festival Horsetown Brew N’ Que in Norco California. All equipment will be provided along with contacts awaiting your protein orders. All you’ll need to do is land in the states and compete!


Okay so that’s all well and good but what if I’m an international team that manages to win GC?

International winners will receive the cash equivalent of the two return airfares on offer.

Being a visiting team, we would love to come out to Perth but what about our equipment requirements?

With enough notice we are happy to assist you in sourcing all your requirements. Simply send us a private message and we will get things going.